Located in Chicago (3970 N. MILWAUKEE), Illinois, at Six Corners.  Their telephone number is (773) 481-2400.
The club itself is not much to speak of in my opinion. The desk staff is not very helpful, and the equipment is
fairly old. How old you ask...the 5 lb. sand weights must weigh about 3 lbs. at  this point.  Many of the TVs in the group exercise room have not worked in ages. The  wooden floor in the same room is buckling. It took them over two weeks to fix the sound system used by the instructors.

BUT...the exercise instructors are phenomenal!  Even with the broken sound system, these people were able to
conduct fun, effective classes. My favorites are Tiffany, who teaches Mat Pilates; Natalie, who teaches Boot Camp Conditioning, and Christine, who teaches Total Strength. If you are like me and need someone to lead you thru a workout  and prefer group exercise classes, I suggest that you give these instructors a  try. Like milk, they are good for the body.