Emjoi Tweeze. I look in the mirror and there they are, an infantry of short, thick, black hairs overtaking my chin, upper lip area, and cheeks. These rascals are  persistent! But not a problem. A few years back I found the Emjoy Tweeze, a  battery-driven epilator.

I run it up and down the trouble areas a couple of  times a week, and it leaves my face free of these rascals. It takes minutes and  is very easy to use. Plus, it is much more effective than the laser hair removal  treatments that cost me $800.00, removed none of the hair, and left me with a light tattoo above my lip.

You can order it on line, or get it at Walgreens. 
Between $12 and $17 on line. About $20 at Walgreens. Plus the 2 - AAA batteries.


02/17/2017 5:25pm

I've been searching for an epilator for months now because I see that my mustache is getting thicker. Plucking isn't the right thing to do, and cutting it using a scissor seems inappropriate. Finding this Emjoi tweeze is perfect timing! I'll definitely go to Walgreens and buy one so I can experience how good this product is! Thank you for this very helpful post!


My mustache is getting thicker that's why I am in need of epilator. Though some of my friends were advising me to just pluck, I am not doing it since I know that hurts a lot and kind of inappropriate. Finding you website is such a blessing for me since there is really a need for me to remove my mustache. Though the item is a bit pricey, I am willing to cash out a right amount of money for this one!


A leading specialist in female beauty and hair-removal products, Braun do not disappoint with their latest offering. The Silk-épil 9 Epilator is ahead of the curve, in fact, if the staggeringly positive reviews can be believed, it is one of the best epilators available to buy.


Epilators, though invented decades ago, are still one of the most effective hair removal devices on the market today. These electrically based machines can be used by both men and women to remove unwanted hair on any region of the body.

07/09/2017 11:35pm

What about cost of this now? The same or not?

12/10/2017 5:41am

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