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Behr Ultra Pure White Paint.
This is my favorite paint to date.  One coat is all that I have ever needed on walls, trims, etc.  And, its brightness is amazing.  My walls look clean and bright.  Where I have colored walls, I use it for the ceiling and floor trims, which make the room look clean and fresh.

I primarily buy the Flat, but will pay the extra dollar for the Flat Enamel for surfaces that tend to get dirty faster and need clean up, like my kitchen cabinets.

Where: Home Depot
Cost: $24.95 / gallon
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Metal Drain Baskets. 
These are by far the best drain strainers that I have found which successfully keep stuff, including hair, from making its way down the drain.

They come in small for the vanity, medium for the tub, and large for the  kitchen sink.  The kitchen sink variety comes with a thin, or a thick ring.  I  have found that the thick ring for the kitchen sink works best.

I have found them only at flea markets.
They are very inexpensive, costing less than a dollar when bought in sets.
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