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Hairstopper.  The hairstopper did not work for me.  Although the device did trap the hair in the shower, because it is made of such light material, any water back up causes it to eventually float away from the drain.
<![CDATA[Shed Pal]]>Fri, 20 Jul 2012 17:07:27 GMThttp://fabiolashomeorganization.com/dislikes/first-post
Shed Pal.  This product did not work for me.  Maybe others can comment if they had a different experience, but I simply ended up with dog hair all over myself, and very little hair in the Pal.

Suction of the hair occurs at the end of the stroke.
I believe that the tiny rubber bumps are intended to clump up the loose hair into a ball which then gets suctioned in at the end of the stroke.  But, the
hair failed to clump, so no hair was suctioned into the container.